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Hand therapy

What is hand therapy?

Hand therapists are well aware of the anatomy of the hand and of the various injuries and disorders. They work closely with general practitioners, hand surgeons and other medical specialists, giving you the best chance of a good (post-operative) recovery. Your hand therapist advises, treats and guides.

Martine Blankendaal, now working three days a week at the Ouderkerk location, has specialized in hand therapy. Handy for you to know which complaints she can treat as a hand physiotherapist.

Overload complaints: Exercises, advice and posture and movement advice can reduce complaints. Indications that may include this include trigger finger, M. Quervain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and other tendon infections from the forearm to the shoulder region. joint and certain fractures are often a good indication for conservative treatment.
After surgery: this may be the case after a fracture (fracture), lesions to tendons, joints, nerves, amputations or possibly transplants.

For more information, contact her at the information desk on telephone number: 020-4724406.

Hand problems in today’s society by operating electronics such as computer mice, but of course also medical genetic hand complaints can be treated well, in collaboration with hand specialists and hand therapists.

-Martine Blankendaal, Hand Therapist and physical therapist