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Pelvic Therapy

Complaints in the area of ​​the pelvis, abdomen and pelvic floor occur in women, men, children and the elderly and can arise due to weak or too tense pelvic floor muscles or because they are not used at the right time, causing disorders. This can occur, for example, around a pregnancy, during the transition, after multiple bladder infections or after abdominal or prostate surgery. Sometimes the complaints are related to medication use, other illnesses or to psychological factors such as sadness, suppressed emotions, tensions or heavy mental strain. Sometimes the cause may also be unclear.

Some common pelvic complaints are:

• moeite met ophouden van plas, windjes of ontlasting
• an irrepressible sense or urge to pee or relieve
• pain in the lower abdomen and / or lower back
• pain around the genitals
• een verzakkingsgevoel
• difficulty urinating and / or relieving pressure
• pelvic pain
• pain during intercourse
• erectile dysfunction

Examination and treatment

In a first interview, the pelvic physiotherapist asks you questions about the reason for your visit, the origin of the complaints and how your complaints increase and decrease. The therapist will then draw up a treatment plan in consultation with you. This plan includes all information about causes and consequences of your complaint, personal advice on breathing, posture and movement, drinking, nutrition, toilet behavior, stress and load capacity, attention to your abdomen and pelvis, tension and relaxation and if applicable a targeted program in our extensive practice and training room.

The pelvic therapist is present on Tuesday and Friday at the Ouderkerk location. For more information about pelvic therapy, please contact Practice Ouderkerk on telephone number 020-4724406.

Treating pelvic problems requires a lot of knowledge and training. These hidden complaints can quickly become a serious problem. People with pelvic and pelvic floor complaints can often be helped quickly with exercises.

– Ylenia Degli Esposti, ( kinder) Bekkentherapeut

Pelvic therapist:

Ylenia Degli Esposti