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First appointment

Since 2010, the government has determined that the patient must identify himself before the treatment can start.

The patient is expected to take his / her identity document with him at the first appointment. This may be a (foreign) passport, Dutch driver’s license or identity card, Dutch aliens document.

The treatment
When you come as a patient for the first time, every effort is made to arrive at a good diagnosis as quickly as possible. Without a doctor’s referral, the first step is a screening to determine if you are at the right place. If you do come with a referral, the physical therapist will start the examination immediately after a preliminary interview.

Electronic file
The physical therapist is obliged to make an electronic file for every patient. This takes some time, but is very important for the treatment process. After making the diagnosis, the treatment that the physiotherapist proposes is discussed with you. With your approval we will keep close contact with your doctor.

All branches of Spits Centrum for physiotherapy work closely together. Do you want to be treated quickly, but there is no room available at the practice of your choice, no problem! If you are willing to go to a different location once so that treatment can be started, your file will be transferred to the practice of your choice and you can go there for the second treatment.

All therapists have the same study background. In all our centers the therapists are registered physiotherapists and each therapist has followed at least the supplementary A and B course of McKenzie therapy (see McKenzie therapie). After this, each therapist has followed one or more specializations in which he or she has become professional. This means that in principle you can go to any therapist of us with your complaint. If it turns out that your complaint can be treated better by another therapist or at a different location in connection with the specialized complaints pattern, your therapist will discuss this with you and see what the options are for you.

Noor SchutAt your first appointment you will be asked for your personal details upon arrival, so that the physiotherapist can start screening or the examination at the first appointment.

-Noor Schut, assistant Spits Centrum voor Fysiotherapie