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Sport Physiotherapy

The aim of the sports physiotherapist is to restore functions, to prevent (sports-related) complaints and to improve (sports) performance. This is done by means of advice, guidance and training for athletes, but also for people with a chronic condition and other target groups, regardless of age and other personal circumstances.

With which complaints can you go to a sports physiotherapist?

You can go to a sports physiotherapist for various reasons. The most common reason is an injury sustained by an athlete, whether recreationally or professionally. The sports physiotherapist can heal the injury together with you. Another reason for athletes is to receive (training) advice or preventive running training.

In addition to the athletes, there are also people with a chronic condition. Their quality of life can be improved through (more) exercise and sport, so that they can continue to live at home or can still do their shopping independently. The sports physiotherapist will look with you at a suitable sports practice and advise you on the intensity and frequency with which you can start.

People who have not been active for a long time for various reasons also come to the sports physiotherapist to be reactivated and motivated to exercise.