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Headache & Migraine

Many people suffer from headaches and/or recurring headaches. In the Netherlands, about 15% of Dutch people have migraines and 60% have tension headaches. In addition, different types of headaches can occur at the same time. A good diagnosis is therefore important!

Fortunately, for most people the headache disappears quickly and for some the headache comes back every time. People may have pain all over the head or on one side, headaches may be intermittent or continuously dormant. Headaches can have various causes. Posture or movement can play a role in this.

It is often thought that headaches also arise ‘in the head’, but this is usually not the case. Research into headaches in recent years has shown that this pain can also be caused by problems with the jaw, vertebrae, muscles and/or nerves in the neck. A headache attack then starts due to irritation, pain or cramping in those places.

The Treatment

Depending on the findings of the research, the treatment can include manipulations/mobilizations, Dry Needling, massage, McKenzie therapy, posture correction and exercises. The therapists work closely together at Spits physiotherapy to ensure that the headache complaint is addressed as quickly as possible.


Daniel van der Tol