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Headache & Migraine

No less than 20% of adults suffer from headache every week, often without a clear cause.

Dean Watson has more than 25 years of experience with headache complaints and migraine. His method has proven that in 4 or 5 treatments the symptoms can decrease considerably. Even complaints that have been present for years!

What is the cause of headache?

According to Watson there is a relationship between the many forms of headache complaints and disorders of the upper three cervical vertebrae. Headaches can develop as a result of stiffness of joints, ligaments and muscles in the neck vertebrae. As a result, the nerve core in the brainstem is constantly stimulated, leading to hypersensitivity in the core. This can cause a headache. Other stimuli elsewhere in the head that have a connection with this nerve church via nerve bundles can also provoke a headache; such as certain drinks, stress, menstruation, bright light or certain foods. The primary cause, then, is not these stimuli, but the hypersensitivity of the nerve core that has arisen due to the constant neck disorder that can sometimes exist for years.


The Treatment

Depending on the findings of the study, the treatment may include, among other things, the headache treatment Method Watson from Dry Needling, massage, McKenzie therapy, posture correction, manual therapy and exercises. These therapists work closely together at Spits physiotherapy to ensure that the headache complaint is addressed as quickly as possible.

You should notice that the headache diminishes and / or disappears due to pressure techniques with the thumb by the physiotherapist. This normalizes the hypersensitivity of the nerve core in the brain stem. No manipulations (“cracking”) are applied during treatment.

Would you like more information? Visit the Dean Watson website at http://www.watsonheadache.com or contact our Watson therapists at telephone number 020-4724406.

By doing specific actions, patients can suddenly move freely again after years of headache without the fear of recurring complaints.
– Wonne Back, physiotherapist with Watson specialization and dry needling


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