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More about Spits Centrum for physiotherapy

Spits Center for physiotherapy has been a household name in Amsterdam and the surrounding area for years. Once started with “at home” treatments; now it is a fully-fledged specialized center with partnerships with doctors and other disciplines. Given the wide variety of specializations among physiotherapists, it is possible to offer you the best care!


When you visit for the first time, the physical therapist will first have to take a number of steps, determined by the government and your health insurer, before a diagnosis can be made. If you come from a doctor without a referral, a screening is done in advance to determine whether you are at the right agency. The investigation will then be initiated. If you come with a referral from a doctor, the physiotherapist will immediately start the examination after a preliminary interview. A first visit takes 45 minutes. It is also possible to be treated the same day. If you wish, the physiotherapist will schedule extra time for you.

Electronic reporting:

The physical therapist is obliged to make an electronic file of you. Your health insurer and the government have set requirements for your file so that they know for sure that you will receive the best care. This is also very important for the treatment process, but unfortunately it takes time. A diagnosis will be made during your first visit. The treatment process will be discussed with you and the treatment will begin. Your approval will be in close contact with your doctor.