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Dietetics provides nutritional advice. every dietitian has enormous knowledge about nutrition and health. In addition, the dietitian is specialized in medical problem groups

When to visit a dietitian:

A dietician can advise you on the following medical problems: Intestinal problems, diabetes, eating disorders, high blood pressure, abdominal complaints, underweight, overweight (also in children), gout, vegetarian diet, allergies, pregnancy and high cholesterol levels.

The treatment:

The dietitian starts by mapping out all matters that are important for the diet, such as the satiety of the diet, the taste and convenience, the sugar level, the glycemic index, the nutrients (guidelines for good nutrition), the activity, lifestyle, age, background (diagnostic advice according to protocol), use of medicines and the wishes of the client.

On the basis of this inventory, she will draw up dietary advice together with you. During the course of treatment, this dietary advice is regularly evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

home visit

If you are not able to come to the office hours, it is also possible that the dietician will come to your home for a home visit. This requires a referral from the (GP) doctor stating why a home visit is desired.


The costs of the dietary consultations are covered by the basic insurance. Per calendar year, 4 dietary treatment hours are reimbursed. This comes down to the first consultation and 5 follow-up consultations. In a subsequent calendar year, 8 consultations will be reimbursed. More is often reimbursed through supplementary insurance. A referral letter from a doctor or specialist is required for dietary advice.

If you would like more information, you can contact the Amstelring on telephone number 088 – 97 20 200 or click on www.amstelring.nl .


Jolanda Brandse