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We recommend that you first check how many treatments you are reimbursed per year from your supplementary insurance. If you do not have supplementary insurance or the number of treatments exceeds the maximum of your supplementary insurance, the costs are for your own account. We use the rates below for this. You will receive the invoice for this at home.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, we kindly ask you to report this to us for at least 24 hours. For an appointment not kept or not cancelled in time, €30 will be charged. The insurer will not reimburse this appointment.

These are our new rates effective 01-01-2023.

General session physical therapy €43,-
Intake / examination after screening €52.50,-
Intake / examination after referral (doctor’s request) €52.50,-
One-off physiotherapeutic examination (doctor’s request) €75,-
Manual therapy session €55-
Long session physical therapy €59-
Surcharge for treatment at home €22,-
Surcharge treatment in institution € 13,-

Spits Physiotherapy uses the terms of payment from MediCas.


The practice has concluded cooperation contracts with all health insurers. The practice is obliged to adhere to the rules of the health insurer regarding the treatment of the patient, including an extensive medical file per patient.

Reimbursements physiotherapy 2022
Children up to 18 years The first 9 treatments by a physiotherapist or the first 18 treatments by a pediatric physiotherapist are reimbursed from your basic insurance
Adults, 18 years and older The number of treatments that are reimbursed depends on your supplementary insurance
The Standard Insurance
Basic insurance is required by law for everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands and must be taken out with a health insurer in the Netherlands. Within this insurance, it is determined for everyone what health insurers are obliged to reimburse within the healthcare sector. With the basic insurance there is a compulsory deductible. This means that if you incur healthcare costs in the new year (with the exception of general practitioner care, obstetric and maternity care, free population screenings and the flu shot for risk groups) that are covered by the basic insurance, you must first pay the deductible amount yourself. After that, all costs will be reimbursed in accordance with the policy conditions from the basic insurance. The deductible, in combination with the fact that little physiotherapy is reimbursed under the basic insurance, constitutes a fairly large financial risk. In 2021 this amount is standard € 385,-.
Supplementary Insurance
The supplementary insurance is an insurance that (partially) covers costs that are not reimbursed from the basic package. For example, it is possible to choose a supplementary package containing a number of physiotherapy reimbursements of your choice. Your health insurer will reimburse the number of treatments per year for which you have additional insurance. The deductible therefore does not apply to the costs under the supplementary insurance.
Chronic Indication
If you have a condition for which it is legally determined that you may need long-term physiotherapy, this is called a chronic indication. A chronic indication will be reimbursed from your basic insurance after 20 treatments. The first 20 treatments are at your own expense, unless you are additionally insured for this. An indication must be described in the Breast list in order to be declared as chronic treatment.

Be careful in your choice of a health insurance company. There are major differences in the way health insurers reimburse physiotherapy. In the supplementary insurance. Therefore, take a good look at your health insurance policy. If your current policy is insufficient, you can cancel your current health insurer before 1 January. If you have done this, you have until 1 February to apply for new health insurance. The insurers have an acceptance obligation for the basic insurance, but this does not apply to supplementary insurance. You often have to fill in a medical statement. Keep this in mind, because this can take extra time.

House rules
The practice has drawn up certain conditions and rules that are important for the patient and the employee. If you want to view these, you can click on House rules / payment conditions.
Spits Physiotherapy uses the terms of payment from MediCas.