Medical taping

The Medical Taping Concept is a taping method, Who not only has a stabilising effect on joints, but allso acomplishes better blood- and lymfe circulation.

The indications for Medical Taping are:

  • Treatment of inuries, like back and shoulderpain, knee of calf problems;
  • Decrease of oedema en haemorrhage;
  • Correction of Posture;
  • Overburden problems, like a tennis elbow, golfers elbow of wristproblems because of extensive use of computer;
  • (Tension-) headache and nerveache, influenced by organes like stumachproblems.
medical taping

With Medical Taping we use different tape, called CureTape. This tape is more functional then the classic white sports tape: it supports and activates the restoration of the body without contravening the movement of the joints.

The quality of CureTape:

  • Elastic and breathing
  • Anti-allergic acryl glue/ layer
  • Waterproof ( showering is possible)
  • without medication.
medical taping
medical taping
medical taping

The effects of CureTape:

  • Activation and regulating of the bloodflow and lymfe drainage.
  • Improvement of the muscle function
  • Support of the joint function
  • Painreduction
  • Neurofysiologic and sgmental influence

The principle of taping:

The elastic Cure tape lifts the skin by the special way of taping. the pressure underneath reduces in the pain area, after which the bloodflow and the lymfeflow improves. The pressure on the pain receptores lessens of dissapears  totally. Cure tape will stay for several days, even during showering, swimming which makes it a 24 hour treatment.

Sometimes, with the use of Medical Taping there will be a beter hydration of correction of the movement while classic tape is nog strong enough. A lot of athletes use it now to give them more strength and less problems during important games.

-Sanne Lugard, Fysiotherapist