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General Physiotherapy

With the help of the physiotherapist you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

Jumping on the bike to do some shopping. Doing some chores around the house. Cycling, walking, bending, things you normally don’t have to think about. Until the moment that you experience a nagging knee, pain in your back or a chronic illness … sound familiar? Then you’ll wonder probably be wondering how soon you can do everything you did before. Or how to keep moving as much as possible despite your chronic illness. The physical therapist will help you to move and continue being active!

Nearly three million people each year visit the physiotherapist. It may involve complaints gained while working or exercising. It can also be the physical consequences of a wrong move, accident, illness or simply by aging. The physiotherapist listens to the reason for your visit and your needs. Together with you he analyzes your physical condition and your teatment options. With his advice and exercises he makes sure you can move better. So you get the most out of life.

You can make an appointment with a physiotherapist without a referral from the (family) doctor. This has advantages, one of which is that you can make an appointment with the appropriate physiotherapist and immediately start working on your recovery. The physical therapist will do a screening to determine whether physical therapy is indicated. Then, the physical therapist will offer a diagnosis. If physical therapy is not indicated, the physiotherapist will refer you back to the (family) doctor. It is wise to inform your (family) doctor that you are being treated by a physiotherapist. Your (family) doctor can take this into account when dealing with other complaints.

Jan SpitsDe laatste jaren is fysiotherapie veel meer specialistisch geworden. Vandaar dat u niet meer langs de huisarts hoeft voor een verwijsbrief, maar wel veel verzekeraars een vergoeding in de aanvullende pakketten hebben opgenomen.

– Jan Spits, Spits Centrum voor Fysiotherapie

No referral required from the Doctor