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Group Therapy

Group Practice

In addition to the individual physiotherapy, we also offer physiotherapy in groups. We ensure that the group consists of patients with the same medical diagnosis. Group therapy can have many benefits. The people in a group can stimulate each other and exchange their experiences and it is often as sociable to practice together with others. The groups consist of 3 to 6 people. The fitness area is sufficiently equipped for this .

The indication for group treatment will always be made after an individual examination and possibly in consultation with the care provider and referrers. Indications such as obesity or Diabetes are not eligible for group therapy because these are considered as secondary preventive training of the health insurer. For this you can possibly qualify for a fitness program.

Start of the exercise therapy:

At first the physiotherapist will have a conversation with you, and if necessary investigate. Here will be discussed with you what your goal is, after which a practice schedule will be drawn up. If you are not eligible for exercise therapy with the insurer reimbursing it, then it is possible to take a subscription, where you either exercise independently or practice in a group.

If you are 70 + and want to move with peers, you will be eligible for SeniorenFit, a practice group for elderly people who want to stay active.

Costs if you are not insured:

10 time Card, with accompaniment: €76,-(incl. VAT)

10 time card, free training without guidance: €33.00 (incl. VAT)

1-month subscription, unaccompanied: €41.00 (incl. VAT)

SeniorenFit 10 lessons, with accompaniment, entry level (70 +): €59.00 (incl. VAT)

SeniorenFit 10 lessons, with accompaniment, cont. (70 +): €63.00 (incl. VAT)

If you are interested in group therapy, please contact Ouderkerk practice on phone number 020-4724406.


Sanne Lugard

Exercise programs

In the practice in Ouderkerk it is possible to follow an exercise program. These are physiotherapeutic training programs of an average of twelve weeks in groups. The design of these exercise programs is besides, together with others working on complaint reduction, also creating a lasting healthy and active lifestyle.

Your insurer may reimburse (part of) the costs of a exercise program. However, it is wise to visit your GP before starting. Then we can decide together with the GP if an exercise program is the right way to reduce your symptoms.

Exercise programs are given at the practice in Ouderkerk. For more information about exercise programs, please contact either practice.

Spits Fysio offers the following exercise programs:

The exercise program for COPD patients aims to gain better control over your breathing and thereby optimize your physical performance. Your exercise capacity is increasing and you are working on a better condition. Under expert guidance and adapted to your personal circumstances.
The exercise program for obese people is compiled on the basis of individual effort and capacity. Obesity refers to serious obesity, a rapidly growing problem worldwide, which can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, internal organ disorders and skeletal abnormalities, but also to shortening life expectancy. The level of obesity is measured on the basis of your BMI. Participating in the program can be either with or without referral from your GP or specialist. Nutritional advice plays an important role throughout the program. You can get the Dietician’s advice regarding nutrition and weight loss.
In The Diabetes exercise program you will learn to live healthier. You are working on a better condition and a fitter body with a healthy weight. After all, a fit body and a healthy weight needs less medication. Eventually you become stronger both physically and mentally. The (house) physician has referred you.
The exercise program for arthritis patients is aimed at improving the mobility, reducing the pain, increasing the physical performance, strengthening muscles, improving balance and posture… The therapist teaches you in a responsible and safe manner, controlled exercise.
Heart problems
The exercise program is drawn up on the basis of the patient’s wishes, the individual training goals, such as:
• Developing and maintaining an active lifestyle
• Increasing the maximum aerobic endurance
• Increasing the strength of local muscle groups and muscle endurance
• Weight reduction, combating high blood pressure and lowering of elevated cholesterol levels
• Functional Training
The ultimate goal is the regular exercise and sports offer, moving independently without special supervision. Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death, with coronary heart disease as the largest group. Influencing the risk profile for cardiovascular disease is one of the goals of these exercise programs.
People who notice that the daily work in the household is more difficult or that, for example, walking or cycling is less easy to benefit from the preventive exercise program for the elderly. By participating in a exercise program, following physical therapy and getting dietary advice from the dietician you can move more easily and you will feel better. This will keep you fit longer and less dependent on others.

Sanne LugardDuring an exercise program you will learn to deal with your health problems in an active way, with the aim that you can continue this after the program independently. I like to motivate people and make them see that moving is not only healthy but also a lot of fun.

Sanne Lugard, physiotherapist