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Manual therapy

The manual therapist remedies the functional disorder of the joint by applying specific passive mobilizing movements. By moving the body parts around the joint in a certain way, the mobility of the joints can be increased quickly. The pain subsides and the movement of the joints can improve.

Usually gentle pulling or pushing against the body parts is sufficient. Sometimes the manual therapist supplements this treatment with dosed impulse techniques. The joints are then moved a little faster. Sometimes a popping or cracking sound is heard. Most patients experience this as a momentary strange feeling, but generally do not find it painful. The effects are often immediately noticeable, you experience an increase in freedom of movement and often a decrease in pain.

For which complaints is manual therapy suitable?

Many complaints that are caused by disorders in joints can be positively influenced by the manual therapist.

You can think of:

  • Head and neck pain with poor movement of the spine
  • Neck and shoulder complaints with radiation to the arms
  • High back pain, whether or not in combination with rib and chest pain
  • Low back pain, with or without radiation to the legs
  • Certain forms of vertigo
  • hip complaints

Whether manual therapy can also remedy your complaint must become apparent during the screening and/or the intake and the examination, but it also depends on your own efforts.

Manual therapists:

Daniël van der Tol

Adis Zemic