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McKenzie Check

-Does your complaint change places?
(for example: sometimes the pain is centered in the middle of the back, and sometimes more towards the side or in the buttock)
Yes No
-Does your complaint vary in intensity?
(for example: in the morning you have a lot of pain and during the day it is more bearable)
Yes No
-Does your complaint respond to movements?
(For example: the complaint diminishes after a short walk. Or the complaint worsens or radiates when you bend down)
Yes No
-Does your complaint respond to different attitudes?
(for example: the complaint increases after standing for a while. Or the complaint decreases after sitting for a while)
Yes No
-Have you suffered from the same complaint more than once? Yes No

If you have answered 2 or more questions with YES, this is a strong indication that your complaints are mechanical. A McKenzie therapist can analyze mechanical complaints and explain with a reliable diagnosis which movement strategy is best for you (at the moment). With treatment according to the McKenzie method, both acute complaints and complaints that have been present for a long time can be influenced.

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Mckenzie MDT therapists:

Jan Spits