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At each location, products are sold that we as a physiotherapy practice work with and fully support. These products vary from a certain tape to ergonomic reclining pillows. You can buy a number of products at a discount.

For price information and details about the products, please contact one of our branches.

Below is a selection of the products:

Mckenzie loin roll

Contour foam cushion

Multiple exercise materials such as exercise pulley, squeeze ball, etc.

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Mckenzie super role

Terra Band

Mikoala Hi4 Pillow

Use this link and you will receive a head and body pillow with a 25 Euro discount)

Mckenzie instruction book Neck / Back



Mikoala body pillow

In addition to the above products, it is possible to order ankle, knee and wrist braces and other aids. For advice, ask your therapist.

Is your product not listed? Please contact one of our branches.